• Dignum Memoria

    Dignum Memoria is a collection of 10 films featuring the stories of 10 people living in east Texas.

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  • The original stories

    Since being released in July 2014, "SSB: The Series" has been watched in over 30 countries.

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  • Donald Loves McDonald's

    And We Love Donald

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  • A compilation of prose and poetry by Lowell Smith

    i can still see the stars

    Full of laughter and heartache, "I Can Still See The Stars" invites us into the mind of a man who has spent most of his life living on the streets.

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  • SSB officially launched in Fall 2015.

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About Us


We have been wrecked by the loneliness and hopelessness of our friends struggling with homelessness and extreme poverty. We’ve watched as they’ve struggled with having no place to go, no one to turn to, no hope for the future. We’ve cried many tears with them. But there has been laughter and stories. So many beautiful stories. We’ve sat around campfires in makeshift camps, on the floor of crumbling houses, beneath the awnings of abandoned buildings and listened to these stories. Friendships were built. Community was formed.

Stories Still Breathing is a non-profit outreach comprised of missional storytellers who seek to use the relational process of storytelling to create gospel-community with our friends struggling with homelessness and extreme poverty. We meet our friends where they are, invest in their lives and stories, then partner with them to help communicate their stories to the world. And then we celebrate. We’re always celebrating. Our hope is that we are able to remind our friends that they are still alive, that God is still writing their story, that they are a Story Still Breathing.

Our Approach



We actively seek out relationships through outreach projects and being present in the community.



We create relational programs and projects that allow us to deepen friendships.



We partner with our friends to help them communicate their stories.



We celebrate the stories of our friends through weekly meals and special events.

Partner with us

Stories Still Breathing will launch in Fall 2015. We need your help.

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